Five Benefits of Owning a Green Home

Green homes are apartment buildings, bungalows, or any other residential buildings that are constructed to have the minimum possible negative impact on the environment. In case you decide to buy a green home, you will enjoy several benefits in addition to minimizing environmental harm. Let’s look at the major five benefits of owning such a home.

1. Encourages Eco-Friendly Living

The construction of a green home is accomplished by adopting green principles like energy efficient systems, water and waste management, and so on. The construction and functioning of these homes depend a lot on recycling and reusing waste materials. In addition to this, the greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from these homes are much lower. The overall carbon footprints left by green homes are lesser in comparison with other regular homes.

2. Improves Indoor Air Quality

The paints used in green homes have low or zero levels of volatile organic compounds (VOCs). VOC paints emit toxic solvents, which when inhaled by people, may cause dizziness or headaches.

Green homes use raw materials that are less harmful to the overall well-being of the residents. They have better ventilation facilities. As a result, the indoor air quality is much better. Naturally, people living in such homes are less prone to respiratory or immune diseases.

3. Provides Numerous Tax and Loan Benefits

Some banks like the National Housing Bank (NHB) and State Bank of India (SBI) have tie-ups with the Indian Green Building Council (IGBC). They offer concessions on processing fees and interest rates for home loans on green homes certified by the IGBC.

The state of Maharashtra offers up to 5-10% rebate on property tax for certified homes. This rebate is on the verge of being introduced in other states as well, and will soon be a major source of tax return.

4. Lowers Maintenance and Operating Costs

Green homes help you save on your monthly electricity and water bills. Several new innovative ideas like rainwater harvesting and home insulation, which are characteristics of these homes, help you achieve energy efficiency. For example, these homes can be naturally kept cool during summer months by using reflective paints on the roof. This reduces the need for air conditioners or coolers.

The technology used for the construction of green homes is simple and basic. The materials and equipment used are long lasting and don’t need regular maintenance. In this way, home owners save quite a lot on their maintenance bills as well.

5. High Resale Value

Green homes are the future of real estate. They’ll be sold at a high market value, as more and more homebuyers in India turn towards a green lifestyle. Future homebuyers will want to invest in property that is healthy for the occupants and the environment, as well as low on maintenance costs. Therefore, investing in such a home will bring you good value for your money in the future.

Green Real Estate

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