The Advantages of Green Building

Green building is not a new trend in architecture and housing. It is existent for several decades but only these past few years that the call for building homes and establishments according to the idea of a harmless, energy-efficient and environment-friendly setting has become louder. If you are thinking what it is and what it can bring to property owners, here are its advantages.


Many home buyers, especially those who are just delving into family life, are concerned about the slightly higher price of green homes and buildings than regular types. Special requirements to secure permits contribute to this. However, what some people do not understand is its long-term cost-efficiency. As time pass by, much energy will be saved and this will be returned to as much as ten times in terms of money savings. When taken into consideration, the savings given by green building and the expenses that can be incurred with regular houses – will break even in several years. There will be no significant difference at all in terms of total expenses.

Energy efficiency

The use of wood on green homes contributes to reduced embodied energy. This type of material which is usually used on walls and floors can also reduce the operating energy consumed in each day. However, more modern green homes capitalize on utilizing sustainable and renewable energy sources to run lights and other electricity-using appliances in the house. If you are to look into newer designs, there are green homes that have solar panels, biomass systems, and hydroelectric-generating features. Expensive as they may seem but you’ll be surprised that the federal government as well as some private groups and NGOs are actually giving grants and assistance to fund such alternative electricity-generating systems to be installed in green homes. On designs – insulations and high-performance windows are increasingly becoming popular choices too.

Water efficiency

The earth is being depleted of its water resources. High volume of water goes into waste each day because of inefficient water systems in regular homes. Leaking faucets, toilet flushes, pools, and shower heads all contribute to the deliberate wastage of water. Green homes eliminate these problems by imposing water-efficient and water-saving systems such as the installation of rainwater recycling facility which can be connected into gardens and even in the toilet’s flush system. The use of water-friendly bathroom fixtures is also part of this implementation.

Lesser maintenance

Green buildings require less maintenance efforts. You won’t be repainting exterior surfaces so often because materials are better left in their natural forms and colors. Besides, paint can contribute to indoor air pollution.

The advantages of green homes speak as to why many new home buyers are looking for such types of home. The discussed advantages are just several of the multiple benefits associated with green homes. Improved temperature regulation and better indoor air quality are also added benefits which can be explained to you in detail by your friendly local real estate agent.