The World’s Greenest Homes – Features That Make Them Eco-Friendly

With the growing responsibility of saving the Earth, real estate developers are thinking out of the box to create solutions to housing problems. Eco-friendly homes have become a rage in the last few years. These homes, which reduce carbon footprints largely, are highly favored by buyers. Let’s look at some of the world’s most eco-friendly buildings.

Athena Marie Plantation

Athena Marie Plantation is in Florida’s North Hutchinson Island. Measuring 45,760 square feet, it is the largest green home in the US. Athena Marie Plantation is the first apartment in the US to feature a wind-powered electric turbine on its roof. It is also the first house in Florida to use 100% renewable energy.

The Bellwether of Belvedere

This house has everything that a sustainable building needs – insulated roof, solar cells, high-efficient boiler, etc. The home is built entirely from recycled materials and whosoever feels that greenhouses lack exquisite design will change his mind after seeing the Bellwether of Belvedere.

Acqua Liana

Built in 2009, by Frank McKinney, Acqua Liana measures 15,000 square foot. The purifying systems of the house clean the indoor air. To bring down temperature, the apartment features plenty of waterfalls, reflecting ponds and renewable wood. The house also boasts of a special system that collects and recycles runoff water from the roof.

Woodland Home

Woodland Home is in Wales. Built with natural materials like stone, mud and straw, the home has some amusing eco-friendly features. A composite toilet, solar panels for energy and natural air-cooling are some of the hallmarks of this house.

The Houl Residence

The Houl Residence in Scotland is one of the most eco-friendly houses on the planet. The house aims for almost zero emission of carbon dioxide and has high-level of insulation. Completed in 2009, the home is truly exceptional and eco-friendly.

The Dome House

Constructed by Japan Dome Housing Co. Ltd, the house uses expanded polystyrene as its building material. Expanded polystyrene provides excellent thermal insulation. The dome-shape of the house allows free circulation of air, which substantially reduces air-conditioning costs. The incredible energy-saving building offers a comfortable living space and doesn’t get rusted easily.

Ruin Reborn

Created from the ruins of a mill, Ruin Reborn boasts of solar panels and a wood burning stove with built-in water boiler. The makers of the home have strategically placed windows to exploit maximum natural light. After seeing the home, no one can say that the property in South Western France was once an old mill in complete ruins.