3 Probable Reasons Your House For Sale Ad Is Seenzoned

Have you heard of the term seenzoned? In the modern world of communications, this happens when a person’s message has just been seen by the recipient with no intent of giving a response at all. This could probably happen to you when you’ve sent an advertisement in email or text or published it in social media. Here are 3 probable reasons why your house for sale advertisement is seenzoned.

Sending the house for sale ad at the wrong time

There are specific times in which you should send your marketing ads. Whether they may be emails, SMS, or social media postings – there are right times within the day to send such messages. Never send an ad to a person during his busy hours like during office hours. But you can take risk if you deem that his or her office hours are the only times he or she can see and probably reply to your message. Just be reminded too that these hours can higher the chances for your message to be seenzoned. You can try sending the messages like during lunch time or even a few minutes before the official working hours begin or end. It is a common practice by working individuals to check their inboxes, social media accounts, and handheld gadgets before starting and ending their workdays.

Your house for sale ad lacks substance

Depending on the platform you are going to send your house for sale ad, you should ensure that it is juicy enough to catch the attention of the recipient. If is through email, make sure you provide some snapshots of the house. Incorporate brief description of the house capitalizing on its strong selling points. If it is through SMS, you can possibly send an MMS message teasing the recipient to own the house. With social media, the possibilities for an advertisement are endless as you can insert pictures, videos, and infographics. Whatever platform you are using, make sure you use catch words too!

The house price is just too high!

No matter how good your ad is, it can still be seenzoned. This can happen especially if the ad speaks of high price tag that is way beyond the buying power of the ad’s recipient. If you just feel that this is the reason why you get no response, you can collaborate with a real estate agent who just knows how to put the right price tag for houses for sale.