New Home Buying Tips for Young Couples

Strengthened by each other’s supportive presence, a couple would naturally decide to get a place of their own, to break away from the marks of their childhood under mom’s and/or dad’s roof, and strike it out and make it on their own merit. As newbies in the area of house-buying, though, they are naturally still wet behind the ears, so to speak – but they don’t have to look like it and invite the tricky ploys of sneaky salespersons. They may educate themselves in the art by reading about tricks and tips in new home buying for idiots, before putting themselves up in the market.

Making a list of some useful points for consideration when selecting a new home for your new family would and avoid common problems for innocent young couples in the long run. Before going off on a new home buying venture, consider some food for thought:

Is it within your paying capacity? Most young couples live on double income, and this sometimes gives the illusion that that’s “plenty” of spending power. Uh-oh, that is not really the case. While it’s true there are two sources of family income now, there is also more than one mouth to feed.

Of course, with double income, investing in their own property is now very attractive, and wise couples put their heads together and figure out a workable budget to make this possible. Together, they may agree to dedicate the income of one to purchasing and amortizing a place of their own, and the income of the other to the more trivial expenses like groceries, gas, etc. This could be workable, considering that there would be considerable savings if they don’t have to pay rent anymore. Again, this fact that they no longer have to rent gives the illusion that there is more money in the house – whereas the truth is they would just be shifting the expense for renting to amortizing a place that would be able to call their own, eventually.

Do be aware of the other financial concerns you must take into consideration in your new home buying initiative, such as the property’s proximity to the couple’s place of work, shopping, Sunday church service, a good school for the kids, etc. It may not be readily obvious to a new, young couple and they might make the mistake of thinking it’s not that important, but it is because the less time and transportation cost one spends just to get to these places and get back home would make a substantial dent from the family coffer.

Always make allowances for emergencies. Don’t presume that just because your income allows you to just break even in a new urban locale, you are able to get by well enough in life. Also, make sure your new locale allows you to set aside a sufficient savings account, just for security’s sake.

Another new home buying tip involves financing. When buying a new place of your own and the money you’ve saved up is not enough for up-front payment, seek owner-financed scheme. It is more difficult to find, but if and when they do find a seller who’d be willing to shoulder collecting the amortization in trickles on a regular monthly basis, even at a higher interest rate, the payment scheme would be more affordable for the couple and they wouldn’t have to sacrifice any decent aspect of their lifestyle.


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