Tips to get Faster Emergency Commercial Refrigeration Repair

No matter the type of equipment, chances are it will break down when you most need it. This is a common problem that applies to commercial refrigerators as well. Restaurants, food stores, and other businesses that use walk-in refrigerators (Call 32 Degrees in the Las Vegas Area) will often find that issues with the units tend to occur when they are more fully stocked and urgently need to be up and running.

This may mean an urgent call to a professional technician to attend to the problem and avoid throwing out valuable foodstuffs and compromising goods or service delivery to customers. So how can a business that relies heavily on its commercial refrigerator ensure that when a problem crops up with the unit, it can quickly get a technician to fix it?

Utilize Regular Maintenance

When you engage a professional technician for regular servicing and maintenance of your unit, you already have someone familiar with your equipment and, therefore, more capable of diagnosing the problem quickly. Regular maintenance also helps reduce the risk of breakdowns. The technician will ensure that worn parts and other necessary tasks are performed to preserve your unit’s functionality.

This preventative maintenance will assure you of faster emergency commercial refrigeration repair when you need it. Since the company services your model and brand of refrigerator, they are also more likely to have some stock of the necessary parts for repairs, or at the very least, be aware of where they can get them quickly. This response time is crucial to ensuring your business is minimally disrupted by this inconvenience.

Invest in a Maintenance Contract

You can call almost any company to come in and perform servicing and maintenance of your unit. However, entering into a maintenance contract will increase the likelihood that you will have the same technician or team of technicians every time your scheduled maintenance work comes up. This will help build up familiarity and rapport, putting you in good standing during an emergency.

This kind of contract also means that the company will give you priority when you call on them for assistance. And when you have a broken-down refrigerator, timing is of the essence. This ensures greater peace of mind that you will get help from someone you know and can trust.

Same Provider for All Your Needs

The more business you deliver to the HVAC company, the more priority you become. Where their services extend to other areas like servicing and repairing ACs, kitchen equipment, and so on, it makes sense to make them the provider you rely on. Not only will it ensure they urgently attend to your needs when an emergency arises, but it can also help minimize your costs as you may qualify for discounts. It can also reduce paperwork and follow-ups you may need for issues such as billing and booking maintenance appointments.

Prompt Payment

To further nurture a good relationship with your provider, it is also advisable to ensure that you settle payments quickly. Clients who build a reputation of being slow in paying bills will often see service delivery slow as the provider will not be enthused to wait again for delayed payment. Keep in mind that in some places and during peak periods, the provider may have a long waiting list of clients to attend. Give them reasons to want to make you a priority.

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