Advantages of Green Roofs

Green roofs offer many social, economic and environmental advantages and contribute positively in protecting nature. Let’s see the benefits of such roofs.

Reduction in energy use

Studies have shown a positive impact of eco-friendly tops on a building’s energy consumption. These roofs improve the apartment’s thermal performance. However, the performance depends upon the prevailing climatic conditions of a particular place. Poorly insulated tops lead to overheating during summer, which increases the need for artificial cooling.

Increase in lifespan of roof surfaces

Ultra-violet rays of sun constantly attack roof surfaces resulting in huge thermal fluctuation. This reduces its lifespan. Eco-friendly surfaces increase the lifespan of waterproofing membranes lying underneath them by creating a barrier, which protect the membranes from the ultra-violet rays and daily temperature fluctuations. The membranes of these surfaces last twice more than membranes on traditional surfaces.

Improves air and water quality

It’s a well-known fact that plants produce oxygen and reduce carbon dioxide. Eco-friendly surfaces drastically reduce the heat island effect. Plants on building tops remove airborne particles and volatile organic compounds, which in turn improves quality of air. Eco-friendly surfaces absorb the harmful particles and prevent them from entering the water system, thereby improving water quality.

Improves microclimate & provides rainwater management

Vegetation of building tops cools the surrounding air thus improving the microclimate within their area. Depending on their design, they also curtail immediate water run-off by nearly 50% thereby enabling rainwater management.

Saves other valuable resources & improves energy performance

Environment-friendly building tops extensively use recycled products, which saves other valuable resources. Most traditional roofs don’t use recyclable products, which lead to wastage of other resources. Since eco-friendly surfaces buffer temperature extremes, it improves the energy performance of the building.

Protects against noise pollution

Combination of soil and plants act as effective noise barrier. They absorb more sound than hard surfaces. Green tops reduce reflective sound by nearly 3 decibel and improve sound insulation by almost 8 decibel. Such tops come in handy for apartments located near airports and factories.

Health benefits

Contact with natural greenery provides a range of health benefits to people. It reduces stress and aids general well-being. Access to pure oxygen improves heart rate and blood pressure. According to a study, patients recover quickly post-surgery if they are in company of green space.

Though cost of green roofs is high, yet their long-term benefits have made them quite popular among residents. These surfaces have become an essential part of new projects undertaken by real estate developers. Green roof construction adds great value to buildings and makes a real difference in people’s life.

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