Spanish Property Investments

Costa Blanca, Costa Almeria, Costa Calida, in fact wherever you look on the Spanish Costas Property prices are still rising. From an investment point of view that’s a good thing however, if it’s an affordable Spanish property to use as a home from home in Spain you are looking for the news is not that good, or is it?

Property prices in the UK are slowing down and it would appear that most of the money to be made from investing in property there has already been made. Okay there are examples which defy the trend and people still turn up the odd diamond, but on the whole investment in UK property should now be looked at in the long term, rather than the short or even medium term. Spanish property investment however, is still turning up diamond studded property bargains.

Spain should not be overlooked when comparing investment property for sale outside of the UK. Countries such as Bulgaria have been getting good press of late for property bargains, but as in all things and particularly when you are looking to invest in property, you should take the time to look at all aspects of that investment.

Property investment for most of us has become a reality, thanks in part to the ministrations of the Thatcher government and their policies towards property ownership.

Whether it has been for a property to use as a home, or another income stream through buy to rent schemes, millions have invested in property. Now the UK slow down has tempted people to look offshore for investment opportunities.

Property in Spain and other places such as Bulgaria has since then become the focus of people looking to invest money. It has long been said that you can’t loose by investing in bricks and mortar, but as many people found out to their cost in the late 80’s, property investment can go down as well as up. Investing in Bulgaria is becoming attractive, but be careful look at it from both sides.

If you intend to invest in property to provide an income through rentals, will Bulgaria do it for you? The short answer is probably not, the short answer to why not is again fairly easy. How many people do you know would go to Bulgaria for a holiday? The answer to that is, not nearly as many as will jet off to the Spanish Costa’s at every opportunity.

Investing in Spain will immediately become more attractive, because while properties are more expensive, by the same token a similar property will generate more income because the rents are proportionally higher. The better choice for investment property will therefore still remain in Spain.

Property to be purchased as a home will obviously be bought with a different set of values in mind. Here again thought Spain in general and the Costa Blanca in particular will triumph. Why the Costa Blanca? The short answer is, property prices compared to the Costa del Sol are very favourable on the Costa Blanca.

Why the Costa Blanca and not Bulgaria? Due to the high density of UK expats living in the Costa Blanca there is more work, more Spanish speak English so the language is not a major obstacle. The other overriding reason for choosing Spain is that Bulgaria is not in the European Union, which in itself can present major problems concerning property ownership.

Property investment and ownership in Spain is still a good bet and for more information on all things investment and property related, contact Diamond Properties on the Costa Blanca: []

Diamond Properties have links with major Spanish banks, investment consultants and many other institutions and the information and help they offer is reliable and of the highest quality.


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