10 Ways to Generate Real Estate Leads

It’s tough to increase your business when all your leads end up going nowhere. How do you tackle such an issue? And what are the ways to change your fortunes? Let’s take a look at the top 10 ways to generate quality real estate leads.

1. Blog It Out

With the e-commerce bubble all geared to burst, more than 85% of property transactions take place on the Internet. Before connecting with an agent, the average home buyer makes comprehensive searches online for a few weeks. Promote your community as the ideal residential destination, gain the buyer’s trust, and wait for the referrals to follow.

2. Community Involvement

Networking is vital. Make sure you get involved with the organizations prevailing in your community – from schools, churches, clubs, and local charities. Build relationships, make friends and have your business card with you at all times.

3. Mining Your Social Network

Being visible on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn is not enough. Being in constant interaction in the social conversations helps influence potential buyers, and in turn, you can target a broader online demographic.

4. Drip Marketing

Drip marketing is a straightforward, non-confrontational, and the least expensive way to provoke real estate leads. The key is to send material to people that they will actually find useful. Be consistent in your approach. If you plan to send a newsletter on a monthly basis, ensure you send it at consistent intervals every month.

5. Get the Exposure You Need

The goal here is to get your name registered in as many possible directories as you can. The more associations you join, the more exposure you will get. Make sure you check out the associations in your community that add to your credibility, as well as increase your contact database.

6. Friends in Other Businesses

It’s always advantageous to know your local contractors, mortgage bankers, contractors, inspectors, bankers, and movers. If you refer your clients to such local businesses, you are sure to win their trust and gain more leads through them.

7. Do Not Sit Idle

If you have free time on your hands, use it wisely to generate leads by connecting to your social networks and updating your website or blog.

8. Client Relationship

If you have a good relationship with your client, you have the opportunity to ask them to refer their family and friends to you. Past clients help in generating a lot of leads. Make sure you stay in touch with past clients so that they can refer you when needed.

9. Play all Your Cards

No one needs to reaffirm the fact that business cards need to be passed around. Instead of saving them for certain clients who you think will give you business, hand them out to every single person you meet including a bunch to your family and friends.

10. The Trade Show Network

Trade shows are a great way to build ample networking opportunities. They help you build connections from all over the country and increase your likelihood being presented with relocation referrals.


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