How to Drastically Increase Your Sales in Real Estate

You want to be a major player in the league of highly successful realtors and to do that, you want (and need) to significantly boost your sales. Where – and how – do you begin to boost your sales?

Let’s start at the very beginning

Becoming a power real estate agent began when you first decided to become a realtor. Interviews of highly successful realtors across the United States reveal a certain consistency of responses about how they built their sales successes. Many of them connect their dramatic sales results to the steps they followed from the very the beginning of their careers.

  • Learn from the best. Select a mentor or mentors. Study the habits and techniques of your mentor(s) and others who are accomplishing what you aspire to do. Ask questions at every opportunity.
  • Be a student of you. Learn from your mistakes and your successes and keep track of both. Periodically review your goals and measure your progress. Review the mistakes and make adjustments; review the successes and replicate.
  • Know the neighborhoods of your local market intimately. As one power agent put it, top agents “are walking, talking encyclopedias of neighborhood lore.” They know what has recently sold, what’s on the market, what is the value of properties in their clients’ markets.
  • Be a diligent student of the industry and the overall real estate markets.

Build your success, step by step

The process of building your power skills and success is gradual. It takes awhile to achieve your first listings and sales. It takes time to refine your skills and experience. The most successful realtors emphasize these steps:

  • Get leads and don’t let go. Experiment with different networking and advertising campaigns. Use what consistently works and scrap what doesn’t work.
  • Commit to returning phone calls, texts and emails – FAST! Make contact, follow up, and follow through.
  • Pay attention to the details.
  • Communicate with your clients in the manner they prefer. One client may text everything while another prefers to communicate primarily by email or telephone.
  • Be tech savvy. Highly successful agents utilize a multiple of technical tools and programs to conduct business. They are mobile, working anywhere and any time to meet their clients’ needs, answer questions, resolve problems, and close deals.

What sets you apart from other agents? One power agent’s sales dramatically improved when he evaluated his productivity and made small but significant changes. He suggests getting more done by adding just 10 more minutes to the work day. This power agent decided to make one more call a day before going home, attend one more networking meeting per week, and networking with one more previous client each month.

What drives real estate sales success?

The final sales “secrets” power agents shared were these:

  • Success doesn’t come from pursuit of the commission; it comes from the love of helping people.
  • Honesty and integrity always matter.

There is no fast track to dramatically increasing your real estate sales. Begin at the beginning. Incorporate success lessons into your daily habits. Search for ways to set yourself apart from other agents and make your services more valuable to clients. Build and maintain positive relationships with clients (former and current) and colleagues. Conduct business with honor and be of service to others.

Finally, don’t give up. Many realtors drop out of the business before they ever really get started. Others remain at a certain sales plateau and never move to the next level. You have decided to make yourself an ongoing success project and that is what will help you dramatically increase your sales.


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