Random Tips for a Successful Open House

When selling your house, an open house is one of the most viable ways to let prospective buyers have a general look and feel of how attractive and beautiful your home is. Yet, because of competition among other home sellers, convincing people to come to your open house requires certain tactics for it to be a crowd-drawer. Here are random tips to help you.

Give some freebies

According to surveys, there are many individuals who attend functions and events because of the freebies given by organizers and sponsors. Why not use this fact to turn your open house to a successfully attended event? Give some freebies such as gift certificates from a local convenience store, salon, or gym. You can also tie up with a local restaurant for some discount coupons to give away.

Cook and bake

Do you know that most individuals attend an event in anticipation of the food prepared by the host? Anchored on this fact, make sure to cook a special dish or two of yours for your guests to feast on. If you are not good in cooking, you may bake some muffins, cupcakes, or cookies. If still you lack some cooking or baking skills, you can ask the help of a relative or a friend to prepare something into munch and grind, or you can tap the services of a local restaurant or bake shop.

Conduct a special raffle draw

A raffle draw can also prove to be a good crowd drawer for your open house. Whether the prices are small or big, a raffle draw can bring in excitement to your guests. If you want to turn tides on your favor, why not raffle some discounts on the selling price of your house. Pretty sure you know how to give discounts that won’t hurt your profitable margins.

Pick some lucky guests for a sleep over

In previous entries, conducting an open house in the form of a sleep over is discussed. To freshen you up with the idea, you can pick some lucky guests who are able and willing to spend a night your house for sale. Let the visitors be reminded that this is a perfect opportunity for them to have a feel of how it is at night inside the house and around the neighborhood.

These are just few of the tips you can implement for a successful open house. Make sure that during ads and announcements you will make a special mention of which of these tips you will push through so as to make buzz and excitement among prospective home buyers.

If still you get short of open house ideas, you can always seek professional help from your local real estate agent.


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